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Introduction is a very important thing for a website. Welcome to Game and Anime Portal. This introduction will give you a description of what you should expect from Game and Anime Portal. In the future, we hope to be the center for every video games on the web. While others take the normal approach, throwing up video game news, trailer videos, previews, reviews, etc. This is a website where you can find a lot of good things free of all costs. Just check the links yourself and search what you need. If you have any problem that you are suffering from this website you should leave a comment to notify us so that the problem you are facing can be solved. Our major focus here at Game and Anime portal is to show the world of video games through these certain things

  • Game Snapshots
  • Game Walkthroughs
  • Game Profile Download link
  • Game System Requirements

Game Snapshots: We will supply normal resolution as it is not for desktop wallpapers game snapshots which will help you to choose the best game for you before purchasing the game.

Game Walkthroughs: We will try supply high resolution walkthroughs of games. These walkthroughs are made in normal difficultly level and in these videos the easiest ways are shown to complete each level of each game.

Game Profile Download links: We will try to supply game profiles back up files. So that the downloader of the game profile can play all unlocked levels. In which games they don’t allow to play back after completing the full game will not be available here as they are pointless.

Game System Requirements: We will try to supply the full info (Both official and tested) about the game’s system requirements so that you can ensure your enjoyment before even purchasing the game.

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